Merlita Bryan

Merlita Bryan is the Councillor for the Arboretum Ward in Nottingham. She was the Sheriff of Nottingham from 2012-2013 and became the Lord Mayor of Nottingham from 2013-2014.

Her vision first started off in 2011 when she launched the Black Achieving Males Awards (BAM). Over the first three years she awarded black men in the Nottingham community for the work that they did and how they portrayed themselves in the community. This year she wanted to award and promote not only positive males, but also females as they too show positive steps to take in life.

Davia Mckoy

Davia is at the Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service (NCVS). Her current title at NCVS is Administration and Support in the office but she has experience planning the Annual event for NCVS and other events such as the Lord Mayor of Nottingham Volunteer Fair 2016 for Councillor Jackie Morris. She was the Young Volunteer of the year in 2015 at the South of Nottingham’s Volunteer Awards held by the Renewal Trust.

She has recently come on the scene this year to help Councillor Merlita Bryan with the planning of this year’s event and will be involved in the event year after year.

Maria Ward

Maria has extensive knowledge of working in Voluntary and Community Sector and a business adviser around fundraising, business planning and personnel management. I work for Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service (NCVS).

NCVS are a key sponsor of the event contributing staff time, an office base and helping to manage the event planning and publicity.

Lurline Deeman

Has legal secretarial background and Treasury work with Top Valley Community Centre. She currently volunteers with JD UK and now helps to liaise with sponsors for the Black Achievers Awards.