Most Transformed Life Award


2017 Sponsor(s) – Nottinghamshire Police Crime & Commissioner

This category is aimed at a male or a female who has gone through adversity and challenging circumstances and confronted the issues he/she faced and in doing so has turned his life and is now fulfilling his/her potential. We do not seek to prescribe what the Challenges are. *Please note that we do not want to know the full details of past events in their life.



a) Define what the challenges were without betraying confidence

b) How did the nominee overcome challenges

c) What organizations / individuals were key to helping nominee turn their life around

d) Describe where they are now and what is the transformation

e) What difference has it made to them and others around them

(Description must be a minimum of 100 words. Please note that anything below 100 words will not be considered as a nomination)

Nominations are now closed for this award.